Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Not-So-Magic Trick for Your Glove Compartment

Now that we have a new car, I am committed to keeping it clean.  As you may guess, this is much easier said than done with two toddlers.   Generally speaking it is littered with crumbs (the "no eating in the new car" rule lasted about 48-hours), napkins, socks and toys.  Every time we get out of the car, I do my best to haul out the ten pounds of junk that somehow managed to amass on the floor in the span of a five-mile drive. 

One spot in the car that is surprisingly easy for me to keep clean is my glove compartment thanks to a simple trick I began using years ago.  It used to be that my glove compartment was only opened in case of true emergency because it was kind of like opening Mary Poppins' bag -- there seemed to be no end to the amount of stuff shoved in there.  (Remember how she would snap her fingers to clean up toys and make beds?  What I wouldn't give for that magical power!)  I knew there had to be a better way to keep everything contained and I found my answer in a coupon organizer.

I bought my coupon organizer years ago at an office supply store, however I have seen really cute ones recently in the dollar section at Target.  This accordion-style folder is perfect for organizing all the paperwork you need to keep in your car.  Most importantly, it makes all your important documents easy to find if you need them in case of an emergency.   

I labeled the tabs in my folder as follows:  insurance, registration, service, tires, coupons and maps. 

In the "insurance" and "registration" tabs, I keep my current insurance and registration cards.  I used to have several years' worth of insurance cards hidden in my glove compartment, so keeping them in this folder helps me to remember to take the expired one out as soon as the new card arrives. 

When we take our car in for tire rotations or other services, I file away the print-out we get from the mechanic with a list of the work that was completed.  And while I am not a huge coupon-er, when I do find one that I think I will use, I slip it into its slot in the folder so that it will be in the car when I need it.

In the little pocket on the front of the folder, I keep our insurance policy number and important phone numbers.  I wanted this information easy to access in case I needed to call for roadside assistance or to report an accident. 

I used to have this information scribbled out on a piece of paper, but decided to whip up a snazzy little card to make it truly blog-worthy.  I kind of love it.  So cute, right?

What tricks do you use for keeping your car clean?  What magical powers do you wish for?  And how many of you actually store gloves in your glove compartment?

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