Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{An Organized Garage} Getting Started

We recently bought a new car.  A big, beautiful Honda Pilot.  I am in love.  It has room for everything we could possibly need plus more.  The only problem is that it is bigger than our old car which means our tiny garage is now an even tighter fit.  You know what that means, right?  Time to reorganize!

In order to make the car fit better, I know that we need to move the shelves on the left side of the garage.  And since we are taking down and moving a bunch of shelves I decided this would be the perfect time to throw up a fresh coat of paint.  On the one hand, painting the garage may seem like a waste of time and money.  I mean, it is a garage after all.  But on the other hand I'll jump on any chance to brighten up a dreary space. 

We recently cleaned out the garage so starting off things weren't too bad.  We have a fairly large storage room in our basement which is where we keep most of our storage "stuff" -- I'm talking holiday decorations, childhood memorabilia, toys and clothes that J&A have outgrown, etc. 

Our garage contains your typical garage-y type things: gardening equipment, car accessories, tools, and items that we want to have close at hand like paper towels and extra Tupperware.  (I have a lot of Tupperware.  Lots.  Maybe too much.)

The Mister was out of town this past weekend so the kids and I headed outside on Sunday morning for some garage clean-out time.  J&A are finally at that age where they can play happily on their own for more than 10 minutes, so they entertained themselves with sidewalk chalk, painting with buckets of water, playing with the wagon, sweeping, and weeding.  Remember when weeding used to be fun?  Yeah, me neither.

With the kids entertained, I got to work packing up the garage.  I have already told you about the obsession I have with Sterilite bins, so last time I was at Target I picked up a few more to use in the garage.  (BTW, I am pretty sure I should be buying up stock in Sterilite.  Or Target.  Or, to be safe, both.)

I spread out all the bins on the floor and started unloading the shelves, grouping items together in the bins.  Don't ask me why we have so many light bulbs.  I really don't know.

Two hours later, the shelves were fairly well cleared off and the bins were full and temporarily labeled with post-it notes. 

The Hubs' car has been demoted to the driveway this week since he can no longer fit into his garage parking spot. 

We have my mom reserved for babysitting this weekend so that we can get to painting so stay tuned for a follow-up post.  I haven't yet picked out a color...I am thinking a soft gray.   What do you think?