Monday, June 10, 2013

{An Organized Garage} Sneak Peak

Hi friends!  Last week I showed you the "before" pictures of our garage and since we are still working on the finishing touches I thought it would be fun to give you a little sneak peak of the progress we have made so far. 

Let's start with the paint color.  I knew I wanted a light gray that had some blue undertones.  The kids and I made a quick trip to Home Depot on Thursday afternoon and I picked out the perfect color, Manhattan Mist by Behr. 

Manhattan Mist by Behr

Pretty, huh?

My parents watched the kids on Saturday so that the Hubs and I could paint without the little hands wanting to help.  (I don't even want to imagine the mess that would have been...)

Check out this picture of a half-painted wall.  I can't tell you how therapeutic it was to paint over all that dirt and grime.

Two coats later I stepped back to admire our work and thought "hmmm...does that look kind of lavender?"  Yes, yes it does.  There is something about the lighting in our garage that turned my perfect grayish-blue to a grayish-lavender and that, my friends, did not make me happy.  I even  considered repainting the garage a different color but thankfully my hubby was there to talk some sense into me.  It is just a garage after all.

On Sunday the kids were eager to help us put the garage back together.  They had fun handing us tools and helping their dad hang the tracks for the shelves.

Some of my fondest childhood memories with my own dad center around me helping him with DIY projects in our garage.  He taught me how drill a pilot hole, how to use a table saw, and how to install molly bolts.  My dad even gave me a Dewalt cordless drill for my 30th birthday and to this day it is one of my favorite presents I have ever received.  I love having J&A help us out with DIY projects and hope that we can raise them with the same kind of knowledge and confidence that was instilled in me as a young child. 

Here are the shelves all installed on our grayish-blue-slightly-lavender wall. 

We still have some bits and pieces to wrap up before I reveal our "after" photos -- hopefully it'll be ready to go by the end of the week.  To be continued...