Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{An Organized Kitchen} Designer Drawers

I'm back with another post about organizing the kitchen!  If you missed my first post about creating your own pretend pull-out drawers in your cabinets, you can check it out hereToday we're moving from cabinets to drawers.  You can see from my before pictures that I had all the right drawer organizers but very little organization was going on in there.  And check out all the dirt and crumbs!  Seriously gross!

Once again, I started by doing a major purge of items we don't use and sorting/grouping everything that was left.  Then I thoroughly washed out all the drawers and the plastic organizers.  Goodbye crumbs! 

You know that old saying about how sometimes things will get worse before they get better?  That pretty much sums up the state of my kitchen midway through my drawer organization. 

Notice the half-empty bottle of wine near the stove?  From the looks of this picture one would guess that I was drinking and organizing, but I swear it was leftover from the night before. 

Once everything was clean and sorted, I got to work putting the drawers back together.  I started by lining all the drawers with some shelf liner to keep the drawer organizers from sliding around.

And to keep the shelf liner from sliding around, I used a little poster putty in the corners to stick it to the bottom of the drawer. 

Since my new goal is to make my organizing projects not only functional but also pretty, I took some lovely green contact paper that I picked up at Target and used it to line the inside of the drawer dividers.  It's amazing what a difference it made -- so fresh and inviting!  Ahhh...swoon!

I began loading up the drawer organizers with all my kitchen gadgets when suddenly I got the wacky idea to label all of the dividers using the free label templates from  I know this may seem excessive, but I thought the labels would come in handy for the Mister when he goes to unload the dishwasher and has no idea where I moved the cheese knives.  Plus, I just like the way they make the drawers look uber-organized. 
You can see from the pictures that over time a few of the labels have smudged a bit where they have gotten wet.  I would suggest covering the labels with a piece of clear packing tape to make them waterproof.  And does everyone have a designated pair of tweezers for removing bones from fish, or is it just me?

I am proud to say that it has now been almost six months since cleaning and labeling all these drawers and they are still all organized and looking great!

Would you think it was weird if I were to tell you that sometimes I walk by and open the drawers for no other reason but to admire how pleasing they are?  Yes?  Okay, um, never mind then.

Do you secretly like to admire your finished work as much as I do?  What kitchen utensils/gadgets can you not live without?