Monday, June 3, 2013

{An Organized Kitchen} Pretend Pull-Outs

Back in January I decided that my New Year's resolution would be to organize one room a month.  I tend to take on too many organization projects at one time, so I thought this would be a great way to narrow my focus.  I decided to tackle the kitchen first and since the kitchen involved so many projects, I gave myself two months to get it organized.  I meticulously went through every drawer, cupboard and corner of the room ruthlessly purging items that I never used and sorting everything that was leftover.  In the end, I am so happy with the way the kitchen turned out and love knowing where every utensil and gadget is located.  Of course, like most New Year's resolutions, I lost steam after the kitchen and have been piddling around with little projects here and there since the beginning of March instead of focusing on my "one room a month" goal.  Oh well.  At least the kitchen is organized! 

One of my favorite features in my newly organized kitchen is our pretend pull-out drawers.  First, it is time for a few "before" pictures.  Everyone loves before pictures because it is a reminder that no one is perfect.  Here are a few pictures of the cupboards in our kitchen island. 

Not horrible, but could still use some work.

One of the difficulties I have had is that these cupboards are really deep -- like almost two feet -- so I was constantly losing items in the back of the cupboard.  I knew that my ideal solution was a pull-out drawer, but I also knew that those babies are pricey!  Enter one of my all-time favorite organizing tools, the $6 28-quart Sterilite container from Target.  And lucky me, they also happened to be on sale at the time so I got mine for only $5 each!  Cha-ching! 

After some major purging and sorting, I grouped all the items I wanted to store in these cabinets into categories.  And in order to guarantee that we keep these bins organized, each Sterilite container got a cute label that I downloaded for free thanks to the fine folks over at Better Homes and Gardens ( 

Another kitchen cupboard that needed some TLC was the pots and pans cupboard.  In our previous house, we had oversized drawers to store our pots and pans and it was a dream!  In our current house, we have another deep cupboard and hence another disorganized disaster area.  The main problem I was having was the lids.  I just couldn't come up with a good way to keep them organized and contained.  I tried stacking all the lids on top of the pot that they fit with, but then I couldn't nestle the pots inside each other so that didn't work.  Then I tried putting all the lids in our giant soup pot and storing them there, but that wasn't working for us either.  So I got on the Internet searching for the perfect solution. I love the idea of using the back of the cupboard door to store lids with a wall mounted lid organizer like this one here, but since we have a shelf in our cupboard, I knew that I wouldn't be able to shut the door without the lids running into the shelf.  Fail.  Next option was a pull-out lid organizer that I could install on one of the shelves.  This was a more reasonable solution since it would help solve the problem of things getting lost in the back of the cupboard, but I still wasn't convinced it was what I wanted and I didn't really want to pony up the money on something that I was unsure of. 

In a moment of pure frustration one day, I gathered up all my lids and tossed them into yet another Sterilite container.  This container was one that I had lying around house that used to store my kids' art supplies but now happened to be empty and sitting on the floor of the dining room.  Little did I know that this container would be the exact solution that I had been searching high and low for.  Slap on another BHG label and we were good to go! 

I love, Love, LOVE these fake pull-out drawers.  They have completely solved my problem of losing things in the depths of the cupboard and help to keep all of our kitchen gear contained in an orderly fashion. 


How do you keep your kitchen cupboards organized?  What do you do with all the lids to your pots and pans?  Do you love Sterilite containers as much as I do?

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