Friday, July 12, 2013

{30 Minutes or Less} The Junk Drawer

For this installment of the 30 Minutes or Less Challenge I decided to tackle my junk drawer.  It is actually more of a secondary junk drawer.  My primary junk drawer got organized a few months back when I cleaned out the kitchen.  Recognize the pretty green contact paper and the orange labels? 

My secondary junk drawer is in the top drawer of our dresser and has become a crap catch-all.

I mean, seriously, this is a Where's Waldo of junk.  I am not even sure how I was getting this drawer closed.

While J&A were in their rooms having quiet time, I emptied the entire drawer onto my bed and did my best to sort everything into piles as I went.

Ready to hear what all was in here?  Six pairs of sunglasses, ten pens/pencils, two heart-rate monitors, measuring tape, a pacifier, an empty bottle of lotion, three tubes of Blistex, four hairbands, childproof door knob, two boxes of matches, one poker chip, booklight, a small mirror, lavender scented room spray, a stack of cards that my husband has given me, ten small jewelry boxes/bags, countless buttons (the kinds that come as replacements when you buy a new shirt), an empty clear divider box, and a pile of receipts, clothing tags and other trash. 

Phew! That's a lot of junk!

I quickly realized that 90% of the junk in my junk drawer was either trash or had specific homes in other parts of the house.  The buttons went into the mending box in the laundry room.  The measuring tape went in the basement with the sewing stuff.  The booklight, hairbands, and pens/pencils went into my nightstand*.  And the old paci, scratched sunglasses, empty lotion bottle and other trash went in, well, the trash.

(*True confession: The nightstand is another disaster zone.  I opened the drawer, shoved the booklight, hairbands, pens/pencils inside, and then had to quickly shut the door in order to keep items from jumping out.  Yikes!  I think I'll make it my next 30 Minute or Less Challenge. But for now I'll just close my eyes, plug my ears, hum loudly, and pretend everything is fine behind closed drawers.  La la la!)

I surveyed what was leftover and then ran down into the basement to search for empty containers that I could use as drawer dividers. 

I came across a few leftover dividers that used to be in my kitchen, a large but shallow food storage container, and a few small bins that my kids got in a party-favor bag.  A quick game of container-Tetris and I now have compartments for my heart-rate monitors, sunglasses, loose change, matchbooks, Blistex, cards and miscellaneous (which right now is just the childproof door knob).

I had every intention of using a dab of poster putty on the bottom of each container to keep them from sliding around, but I spent ten of my thirty minutes searching for it and could never find it.  Guess I'll have to add it to my Target list. 

Here's the final project all cleaned out and cleaned up! 

It took me 25 minutes, start to finish, but honestly most of that time was spent finding containers and searching (unsuccessfully) for the poster putty.  

Now it's your turn!  I'd love to hear about your junk drawer make-over and see your before and after photos; you can send them to me at   You better get going -- time's a tickin'!

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