Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket, What Kind of Basket?

Calling all readers!  Calling all readers!  I need your help!

Remember earlier this week when I showed you the beginning of a learning corner that is developing in our family room for J&A?

Since I am also re-styling our entertainment unit, I really want to use this one shelf to store art supplies that they are able to access on their own (things like paper, crayons, playdough, stickers, etc.). 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect set of baskets to house these items.  I have a few basket criteria: 1) must have a lid, 2) must be hidden storage (no clear or wire baskets), and 3) prefer a basket that is available in different sizes so that I can stack one on top of the other.

After searching many different websites, I saw these baskets online from World Market and, although they were pricey, they fit all my criteria so I decided to go take a look at them.

I called around and the closest store that had them in-stock was a 20-minute drive south.  I loaded J&A into the car and off we went, zooming down the highway, with dreams of the perfect baskets dancing in my head.

Seeing the baskets in person, I quickly realized they weren't going to work.  My goal is for J&A to be able to access the art supplies by themselves and the lids on these baskets were really hard to get on and off.  Plus the baskets overall were bigger than I wanted and the price wasn't right, so I left the store empty handed. 

Next door to World Market was a Marshalls.  I haven't been in a Marshalls in years since there isn't one close to my house, but I happened to have in my purse an old-old-old (I'm talking like 15 years) merchandise credit card, so I wandered into the store and asked if they could check to see if there was a balance on it.  Sure enough, I had $3.28 to spend.  With a few extra minutes of time to spare, I walked aimlessly around the store browsing the children's clothes and household items to see if something caught my eye that would use up my gift card.

That is when I came upon their basket aisle and immediately began doing a happy dance when I saw they had, not one, but three options of baskets that met my criteria!  Happy happy joy joy!  The baskets ranged in price from $8-$16 (well less than half what I was planning to pay at World Market).  I wasn't sure which ones would be right for my family room, so I took all three styles home to test them out.

I was hoping once I set the baskets up on the shelf it would be obvious which style I wanted, but instead I only got more confused the longer I stared at them.  This is where I need YOUR help in deciding which set of baskets to keep.

Here are my pros and cons for each set of baskets. 

Option 1

Pros:  I like the style of wicker; it isn't too chunky and has clean lines which appeals to me.  The baskets are fairly big which means they will store lots of art supplies. 

Cons:  While I like the roominess of the baskets, I actually think they are too big.  It looks like a wall of wicker on the shelf.  And with the wicker baskets in the glass cabinet below, it just seems like a lot of wicker. 

Option 2

Pros:  A little smaller than the previous baskets, they don't seem quite so overwhelming in the space.

Cons:  I cannot for the life of me get the lid on the top basket to stay closed.  My friend recommended I just turn the basket around, but then you can see the little silver hinges.  The lid is driving me bonkers, so I am pretty sure I am ruling these ones out.

Option 3

Pros:  The color of these baskets works nicely with the wicker baskets in the glass cabinet.  And since these baskets are made of a woven fabric, it isn't quite the wicker overload of the other two options. 

Cons:  These baskets definitely feel the cheapest of the three options.  There is already some fraying on the edges where the fabric is cut so I am not sure they are going to hold up over time.

So, what do YOU think?  Let me know which set you like the best or if you think I should scrap them all and keep looking.   You can leave a comment below, post on my Facebook page (, or email me directly (