Monday, July 29, 2013

{An Organized Laundry Room} The Reveal

The month of July is coming to an end and so is our laundry room project.  Before I walk you through our big reveal, let's take a quick trip down memory lane....

This room was such a bore.  I would hardly even call it a room.  A "room" to me is a useful, functional space in your house that you actually want to spend time in.  This felt more like a large closet.  It had no character, no personality, nothing that made the space welcoming or comfortable.  No wonder why I hated doing laundry so much!

I started out with some Pinspiration, a plan and a budget of $100 cash.

One month later, the checklist is complete, the budget is blown, and the project is done.  Ready to ooooh and ahhhhh?

The paint color is a lightened-up version of Beach Glass (1564) by Benjamin Moore.  I am not sure the official jargon but I think it is half the usual amount of pigment (the container says "1/2 1564" on it).  We used this color in our basement bathroom and I had about a half-gallon left over.  I was worried we weren't going to have enough paint to complete the laundry room so I ended up taking it to The Home Depot to have them color-match it and whip me up an extra quart.

I am totally in looooooove with how this paint color looks in the laundry room.  I now kind of want to paint my whole house this color.  It really is that good.

Above the washer and dryer, we installed a counter top using this huge-mongus piece of melamine board I bought at The Home Depot for only $35!

The board started out at 49 inches wide by 97 inches long.  It was seriously gargantuan. I brought all my necessary measurements with me to The Home Depot and had the friendly staff cut it all for me on their lumber saw.  The one piece of melamine provided enough material for the counter top, the back splash, and the shelf above the cabinets.  And there is still a lot left over.  Had I really been thinking, I would have used the left over board for the shelves in the linen closet, but by the time I thought of that, I had already cut the linen closet shelves so it was too late. Grrrr.

I knew I couldn't have the counter top extend all the way to the wall behind the washer and dryer because it would interfere with the electrical outlet and the water hook-up.  I was thinking we would just leave a gap between the flat counter top and the wall, but my brilliant husband was the one who came up with the idea of adding a two-inch back splash to the back of the counter to keep socks from falling behind into Neverland.

Instead of screwing the counter top down, we simply laid it on top of 1x2 supports that we drilled directly into the drywall on either side of the washer and dryer.  Now, if we need to get behind the washer and dryer for any reason, we can easily lift the counter top off and move it.

We also rested a shelf above the cabinets that we can use in the future for storage.  For all of these pieces, we finished off the raw edges using an iron-on edging that I also found at The Home Depot.

I shared previously about how we cleaned out and re-organized the cabinets earlier this month.

I also already showed off our fabulous new hang-dry system.  We used curtain-rods on the wall as a place to hang-dry pants and added a closet rod between the cabinets to hang-dry shirts and jackets.

The linen closet got a major makeover.  We completely removed all the old shelves and put in a new system using the easy-to-install Rubbermaid track system. We store all of our sheets in their corresponding bedrooms and most of our towels in the bathrooms, so our linen closet is mostly used for extra laundry detergent, miscellaneous cleaning supplies and cloths, and gym towels.  As a result, we don't need as much shelf space in the closet which allowed me to make room for the unsightly vacuum cleaner.

The white bins are from IKEA and I bought yellow adhesive vinyl at Ben Franklin Crafts and used their die-cut machine to cut out the letters for the labels.

Some art on the walls and a few finishing touches like a coordinating ironing board cover brought the room all together.

For those of you interested in my total budget, here is how we ended up:

Yellow Polka-Dot Wrapping Paper:  $8.71
Label Supplies (Vinyl & Scrapbook Paper):  $5.45
Paint:  $13.77
Linen Closet Shelving System:  $53.17
Ironing Board Cover:  $15.21
Counter Top & Supplies:  $43.63
Closet Rod:  $10.93
TOTAL CASH :  $150.87

In addition to these items, I also purchased a few things from IKEA using a merchandise credit that I had.  I didn't count these items in my budget since I like to pretend that all things I buy with merchandise credit or a gift card are free.  But for the sake of keeping it real, here is a breakdown of those costs as well:

Curtain Rods:  $17.43
White Bins:  $22.96
Frames:  $6.54
TOTAL IKEA:  $46.93

I said at the beginning of this post that our laundry room never actually felt like a "room" before, but it sure does now.  I enjoy being in there.  I secretly kind of want to do laundry.  Okay, maybe not actually do the laundry.  Maybe just look at the laundry.  Look at the laundry in the laundry room.  Okay, so I really just want to stand in there and look at my new laundry room.  It's a step in the right direction.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by! I just checked out your blog and look forward to seeing your laundry room once you get it finished.

  2. I love it! So cute, and functional! Great job! :)

    1. Thanks, Beth! I am excited to see how your master bedroom will turn out!

  3. Kristin, I am so glad you did this post. It has motivated me to finally fix the laundry room. I will be picking your brain a bit for the shelves :)

    1. Thanks, Carla! I am glad to hear you have been inspired! And I would love to brainstorm shelving ideas with you.

  4. I have cabinets (thank you, Ikea), but I hadn't seen the shelf over the washer/dryer before. Great idea!!

    1. Thank you! I didn't know you had a blog! So fun to check it out and see all your great travels. :)

  5. I love the white bins with the vinyl! I'm gonna have to make a trip to ikea!! Your laundry room looks great!

    1. Thank you! I just finished checking out your blog. Love all the beautiful furniture makeovers.

  6. Lovely space!! I love your paint color and all the storage and function you have created! It looks great!

    Leah @

  7. Love the paint color. Whole room looks great and very user friendly.

  8. I have looked at so many laundry room makeovers in blog land and via pinterest, and I saw several ideas here that I have never seen anywhere else! I, too, am tall, and I hang SO MANY things up to dry. I have been searching and searching for a new idea for hanging clothes, and I love the curtain rod idea - I am probably going to have to try it. Also, I am in the process of painting plywood for a washer/dryer counter top, and I have never seen the iron on finish before - I may have to try that, too. Thank you so much for sharing all of this info!!

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a kind note. I am glad I could provide some good ideas and inspiration for your laundry room. I have to say that I love our hang-dry system. Doing laundry is so much easier and I love that I don't have my wet clothes displayed all over the house.

  9. Looks great, going to be doing something similar this year as well! One question, does the board bow at all in the middle? If so, did you have to put any sort of support leg between the wash and dryer for the melamine top? Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Alex! So far, the board has held up really well. The possibility of it bowing has been a concern of ours from the beginning. We purposely hung our counter about a 1/2 inch above our W/D so that if it did start to bow, it would hit the W/D and therefore couldn't bow too much. In any case, there is a very slight bow now but it is hardly noticeable and not so much that it rests on the W/D. For us, we decided it was worth the risk of bowing since we couldn't afford any other kind of counter top. At only $40, we figured if we needed to replace it in a few years, we were okay with that. But, so far, we are really happy with it and hoping that it lasts many more years to come. Hope this helps!