Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hangin' Tough

We are continuing to work on the finishing details of our laundry room and this next piece of the project is one I can't wait to show you!

You may remember way back when I first posted about the changes I wanted to make in our laundry room, one of my main goals was to have a space to hang-dry clothes.

I am paranoid about my clothes shrinking.  At 5'10", I hate it when I find something that fits just right and then it comes out of the dryer several inches shorter than when it went in.  Thus, I tend to hang-dry a lot of my clothes, and since we haven't had a place to dry them in our tiny little laundry room, they end up getting scattered all over the house.  

Inspired by this picture on Pinterest, I got the idea to install towel rods on the back of the laundry room door as a place to hang-dry pants.

The cons of this plan were that I could only dry three pairs of pants at a time and I would have to drill directly into the door, which I wasn't too keen on.  So, I went back to the drawing board hoping for inspiration.

It all came together for me when I was shopping at IKEA with my friend, Alicia.  It was there that I spotted these curtain rods and the light bulb went off in my head.  Bing!

I scooped up two rods and their mounting hardware and eagerly rushed to the check-out counter.   Back at home, I use the big blank wall behind the door as a place to install the rods.

For the bottom rod, I measured up from the floor 38-inches and drilled the mounting bracket directly into the studs for proper support.

The upper rod was hung 22-inches down from the ceiling in the same manner.

The whole thing took me less than 20-minutes to install and the supplies were less than $20!

At first I was unsure if the curtain rods would be sturdy enough to hold multiple pairs of wet jeans, but they are plenty strong.  (Cue music..."Hangin' tough!  Hangin' tough!  Are you tough enough?"  Yes. Yes, they are).  

I can hang at least eight pairs of pants on these rods, and with the added closet rod between the two cabinets above the washer/dryer, we also have a place to hang dry shirts and jackets.

Doing laundry has never been so easy!  I am no longer running all over the house with wet clothes looking for a place to hang them, and, as an even bigger bonus, my house no longer resembles a thrift store with clothes everywhere.  Winning!

Where do you hang-dry your clothes?  Have you ever experienced an IKEA inspiration?

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  1. I love this idea! So brilliant! Our itty bitty laundry corner is too small for a drying rack. We're always tripping over it! Next time I'm at IKEA, this is happening! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I just finished checking out your blog and I am in love. You have such great ideas! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

  2. All these are really useful ideas..!! We have recently shifted to our new house and really looking for these kinds of effective ideas for our house.

    1. Thanks, James! Hope you are enjoying your new place.

  3. have you had any problems with color transfer to the wall from jeans?

  4. No, none at all. The clothes actually hang out far enough from the wall that they do not touch the wall. This is one of my favorite projects to date. I still use this drying rack all the time. :)

  5. Have you tried hanging hangers on the curtain rods?

  6. I know this sounds tacky, but I have a rope stretched diagonally across a room. I have a nail in the top of a door frame and the top of a window frame. I use it overnight, and the rope is easily removed. My laundry area is very small and in the basement, which occasionally smells like a basement. It works really well for clothes hanging on hangers and just flipping things over the line. There is even a ceiling fan in the center of the room that I put on low to circulate the air. And it is really good for drying jackets and gloves on a rainy or snowy day. Sometimes you just do what you have to and this is the best I could do.