Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{One Room At A Time} The Laundry Room

A while ago, I mentioned that my New Year's Resolution was to clean out and organize one room in our house at time.  Like most resolutions, mine lasted about two months and then it fell to the wayside.  But let me tell you, there is nothing like starting an organizing blog to get you motivated to organize your house so I'm back on it, baby!

For the month of July, I am taking on the laundry room.  This is our laundry room in its current state:

To kick things off, I made a list of what I like and dislike about our current space.

Next I went searching for inspiration.  And what better place to be inspired than Pinterest?

There are so many things about this room that I love!  The shelf above the cabinets is a perfect place to store items that aren't used as often and the closet rod would help solve my problem of having no space to hang-dry clothes.  I also want to add a counter on top of the washer and dryer, similar to the one pictured, to use as a folding table (and to keep socks from slipping between the cracks!). 

{via Pinterest, cannot find original source -- if it is you, let me know!}

I heart everything about this linen closet.  What makes me happiest is that every little inch is being used to its fullest; there is no wasted space in here!  The shelf dividers create extra space and allow you to access different sets of sheets easily.  I like the wood shelves (ours are wire) which not only look nice but also keep any smaller items from falling through the cracks.  The lazy-susan is a great way to store medications and I really want to copy the towel rack idea on the door to be used as a place to hang-dry my jeans. 
To fancy up the room a bit, I did a search for free laundry room art and came across several goodies.
This series of prints is both fun and functional!  I never know what all those little symbols mean on the clothing tags so I could see this coming in handy for sure!

Like everyone else I know, I love the subway art trend and this piece matches the new color scheme I am planning for our space. 

This last picture makes me laugh because it just speaks the truth.  Laundry is a thankless, tireless, never-ending job, isn't it?
So with countless ideas swimming through my head, here is the plan for the next month.
The month of July is shaping up to be a busy one!  Oh, and did I mention I am doing this room on a tight budget?  My goal is to keep it at $100 out-of-pocket.  Not sure if it is doable with the list I have above, by I am darn-well going to try!

What ideas do you have for your laundry room?  Is there one thing (even a small thing) that you could do this month to make your laundry room a more functional and welcoming space?  Join me this month in ironing out the wrinkles in our laundry spaces.  After all, it is always more fun to face a challenge with friends!