Friday, August 16, 2013

{30 Minutes Or Less} Organizing the Nightstand

Since we're working on bedrooms this month, I decided it was about time I cleaned out my nightstand.  I hinted in an earlier post that my nightstand was a secret disaster zone.

See how pretty and innocent she looks from the outside?

Don't be fooled by those good looks!  Inside it was a hot mess.  Like Britney-Spears-circa-2007-hot-mess.

So, with my secret organizing weapon by my side, I got to work.  

Like most projects I tackle, I started by emptying out the space and grouping everything into categories.

The cupboard section of the nightstand was crammed full of books (none of which I am currently reading), journals, room spray (hasn't been used since 2005), and an assortment of eye masks.  In the drawer I found more eye masks, pens, pencils, change, a book light, hair bands (including a mauve scrunchie that I have had since middle school), post-it notes, matches, and J's hospital tag from when he was a baby.

Let's all pause a moment to check out how tiny his little ankle was.  It's amazing how quickly they grow up.

Back to the nightstand.  Whenever I clean out a space in my house, I typically find that most of the clutter has an actual designated spot somewhere else in the house.  Thus, the thermometer went to the medicine cabinet, the matches and change went to the junk drawer, all the unused books went to the bookshelf in the office, the majority of the hair accessories went into the bathroom, the pens and post-its went to the desk in the kitchen, and the room spray and all but three of the eye masks went into the garbage.

Perhaps now is a good time to address my eye mask hoarding.  It is true.  I sleep every night with an eye mask.  I am 100% OCD about it.  I cannot sleep without one.  In high school and college, I had horrible insomnia and once I started sleeping with an eye mask, it all but cured it.  I have learned I am super sensitive to light, so in spite of the fact we have black-out blinds in our bedroom, I still strap on that mask every night.  My husband tells me it's sexy, and although I know he is just placating me, I choose to believe him.

I used these itty-bitty Command hooks on the side of my nightstand to hang my three remaining eye masks.  The directions said to wait an hour after adhering the hook before using, but this is a 30-minute challenge so ain't nobody got time for that.

Inside the drawer, I started off with this little mesh container that I had hiding in my basement.  A dab of poster putty on the bottom keeps it from sliding around the drawer.  

 Then I loaded up the drawer with my journals, Kindle, vitamins, book light and a couple pens/pencils.

And, yes, it is driving me crazy that my pens/pencils are just floating around the drawer and not in any kind of container.  I couldn't find anything that is the perfect size to fit in the space allotted, so for now they are free to roll about.

The cupboard is practically empty now, with just my Bible flying solo on a shelf.

A few more after pics for y'all:

And one more thing.  For some reason, I couldn't toss out that old scrunchie.  At the last minute, I rescued it from the trash and back into the drawer it went.

I'm curious to any of you sleep with an eye mask?  Any other odd sleeping habits or rituals?  And do you think scrunchies will ever make a comeback?

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