Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Clean Kid's Closet

I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed by our decision to do the kids' bedrooms for their birthday and we haven't even gotten started yet.  I have so many ideas and projects swimming around in my mind, but need some time to get things coordinated before I can really get going.  In the meantime, I had to do something before I drove myself batty stressing about it, so I decided to clean out the nursery closet.

When we spontaneously moved J into the guest room several months ago, we gave him his bed and an old coffee table to use for toy storage, and that was it.  All of his clothes remained in the nursery (now A's room) and he has been getting dressed in there every morning since.  

For their new bedrooms, my goal is to have all of J&A's clothing in their closets -- no dressers!  The dresser was great when they were babies because we used it as a changing table, but I don't think it is necessary for them as toddlers.  With the help of a good closet system, we can easily fit all their clothes in the closet and save the space in the bedroom.  Another added bonus is these fabulous locks we got for the closet doors, so they can't access their closet when they are alone in the room.  No more finding them sitting in a huge pile of clothes with all the dresser drawers open and empty.  (Has this happened to anyone else out there?)

Up until recently, J&A had been sharing both the dresser and the closet in A's room.  Since J doesn't yet have a closet system, I decided to move all of his clothes out of A's closet and store them temporarily in the dresser.   In addition to removing J's clothes, I also cleared out three huge Rubbermaid containers of too-small clothing and too-young baby items from A's room.  (Boo!  I didn't take before pictures.  What was I thinking?  Bad blogger!)  Besides the outgrown clothing, I cleared out piles of burp cloths, the changing pad, diapers (the twins are potty-trained), several stuffed animals, and lots of baby toys that they no longer play with.  Then I did a quick happy dance, which is the norm for me when I get to purge a bunch of stuff. 

With a clean slate in front of me, I got to organizing A's closet.  I am sure we will make some changes over the next two months as we continue to update her room, but for now it is a huge improvement.  On the left-side of the closet, I hung her sweatshirts and jackets on the top closet rod.  Her t-shirts are on the lower rod where she can easily see them and pick out what she wants to wear.  The closet rod on the right-hand side of the closet holds all of her dresses and skirts.  

In the wire baskets, I used a few old shoe boxes as drawer dividers.  The baskets contain:  underwear/socks/tights, leggings, pants/shorts, and pajamas.  

On her closet shelves I have pull-ups for both her & J (they wear them during quiet time and at bedtime), wipes (we still use wipes for all sorts of messes), crib sheets, and a humidifier.  In the two small linen boxes, I store A's hair supplies and some lotions.  In the large linen box, I keep all of A's swimsuits.  

As you can see, there is still plenty of room to grow in this closet.  As we get further along with her room, I plan to move her hair accessories to the bathroom and remove one or two of the basket drawers to add a laundry basket at the bottom of the closet.  

I have to admit, I was a bit unsure about my idea of getting rid of the dresser, but now that we have all of A's clothes in her closet, I have no hesitations.  I have even discovered a few unexpected bonuses of the no-closet plan.  First of all, I am folding way less clothing.  I would much MUCH rather hang-up clothes than fold them.  Not only do I hate folding clothes, but they never stay folded once they make it into the dresser.  They are either thrown all over the floor and shoved back into the drawer or they become unfolded as the kids dig through to find the exact shirt they want to wear.  The hangers keep A's clothing more organized and she loves that she can see all of her shirts and dresses at once, which makes getting dressed much easier.  

Secondly, the wire drawers allow you to see everything in the closet all at once.  Just by opening the closet doors, I can immediately tell what pants are clean without having to open a drawer.  Again, this has made getting dressed a breeze.  I was planning to purchase wood drawers to replace the baskets in the closet, but now I am on the fence.  

So, what do you think?  Do you use a dresser for your child's room or just the closet?  Do you vote for wire or wood drawers?  

P.S.  I wrote this post while J&A were in their rooms doing their daily quiet time.  Ironically (and annoyingly), when I went to get A out of her room, this is what I found:

Man, I can't wait to get rid of that dresser.  Time to start folding...

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