Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{An Organized Kitchen} The Pantry Part II: Baking Supplies

Hey Party Pantry People!  It's time for Part II of the Pantry Tour and today we are focusing on baking supplies.  (If you missed my first post about the pantry, you can find it here.)  The good and bad thing about organizing your baking supplies is once they are all grouped together in one place, it makes baking cookies so much easier.  Great for the taste buds, not so great for the waistline.

When organizing my baking supplies, I prefer to take most of my flours, sugars, etc., out of their original packaging and store them in airtight containers.  For one, I just like the look of the containers and being able to see what is inside.  And, two, it keeps little creepy-crawlies from finding a happy home in my dried goods. Can I offer you some buggy banana bread?  No, thank you.

I use these Tellfresh containers that I found at The Container Store and made labels using the free label template from Better Homes and Gardens.

The Tellfresh containers come in a variety of sizes and are a good deal for the price.  I really covet the OXO containers with the airtight seal, but they were out of our price range.  (Since then, I have seen the OXO ones for sale at Costco.  Yet, another reason to love my favorite wholesaler.)

I keep most of our baking staples grouped together on one shelf in the pantry, but a few of our more frequently used items (like flour, sugar and measuring cups) are kept in a cupboard under our kitchen island where I can easily grab them while cooking.

My smaller baking supplies are stored in this white bin I already had on hand.

I use the bin to corral items like cake mixes, shredded coconut, corn syrup, molasses, etc.  It is basically a catch-all for all the miscellaneous baking supplies that do not have another designated spot in my kitchen.  I love using bins to keep items grouped together.  It is much more orderly than just having a bunch of jars and boxes piled onto a shelf.  Plus, I like being able to pull the container out to find what I am looking for versus having to hunt around at the back of the pantry.

On another shelf, I have a snap-top bin full of baking chips (chocolate, white chocolate, toffee, etc.) and another one for small baking supplies like cookie cutters, food coloring, sprinkles, and icing.

I also store the cereal on this shelf in these canisters that have a flip-top lid which make for easy pouring.

My absolute favorite feature of my pantry is the new bakeware storage solution.

Like most people I know, I used to store the bakeware in that little drawer that is attached underneath the oven.  It was a disaster.  I was constantly having to rummage through that drawer to find the piece of equipment I was looking for.  And as an added bummer, cookie sheets would slide behind the drawer and get lost under the oven.  Clearly it was a system that needed some rethinking.

Enter this bakeware organizing rack I found on Amazon.  It fit perfectly in my pantry next to the Kitchen Aid and neatly stores all our cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks and silipat pads.

Where do you store your bakeware?  Have you ever found a creep-crawly in your flour?  What tips do you have for organizing your pantry?

Be on the lookout later this week for the last of my pantry posts!

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