Friday, August 9, 2013

{An Organized Kitchen} The Pantry Part III: Snack Attack

It's the final part of the Pantry Tour and we're wrapping up by talking about snacks and pasta.  (If you missed the first two posts, you can find them here and here).

On our main snack shelf, I have two plastic bins that I use like you would a pull-out drawer.

In the first bin, Tellfresh containers hold most of our crackers, pretzels, and other dry snacks.  Taking a tip from Jen over at I Heart Organizing, I use vinyl stickers on the top of the container to label the contents.  To make the labels, I purchased a square piece of vinyl from my local craft store and used their die-cut machine to cut it into circles. A chalkboard pen makes it easy to wipe the label clean and re-label when you change out the contents of the container.  I also add the date that I opened the package to my label in order to help keep track of freshness and prevent us from having to use the ol' taste-test to determine if our crackers are stale.  (Yes, those goldfish crackers are from May...might be time to toss those babies into the trash).

The second bin stores all of our other snack items like granola bars, chips, dried fruits, etc.

On the top shelf of our pantry, I used these stacking bins that I already had to hold a few of our kids' favorite snacks: gummies (aka. fruit snacks) and squeezies (aka. applesauce).

I searched high and low for the perfect size containers to store my massive tea collection and all the various nuts we keep on hand.  These mesh bins are intended to be used for storing DVD's, but ended up being the perfect size for our pantry.

The pasta shelf was organized in the exact same manner as the baking shelf, using the Tellfresh containers to hold pasta, rice, quinoa, polenta, and cous-cous, and the white bin to keep track of other miscellaneous pasta-related items.

So, there you have it: an in-depth tour of our pantry.  In case you forgot how things started out, here's another before and after shot:



Quite the transformation, if I do say so myself!

Hope you enjoyed "Pantry Week" over here at Everyday Organizing.  Next week, I'll be letting y'all in on my "One Room At A Time" project for the months of August and September.  (And here's a hint: it is actually two rooms, thus I am giving myself two months to complete them).  Till then, have a great weekend!

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