Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Easy DIY Jewelry Board & Our Clean Master Closet

We finished cleaning out our master closet this past week.  Phew, was that a chore!  I think in total we had two full bags of trash and four large bags of donations.  As far as cleaning out a closet goes, it was your typical process of lots of purging and then lots of putting away.  In the process of cleaning out the closet, my husband and I decided to trade where we stored our clothes; I took over the left-side of the closet and he took over the right-side.  This decision was mainly fueled by my vision to use a small blank wall on his side of the closet as my jewelry zone.  I told my husband that if he was willing to trade sides with me, I would be willing to organize all his clothes on his new side.  (Of course, I probably would have done that anyway, but he went along with it).

Which brings me to my super-duper-easy-peasy-DIY-jewelry board.

Honestly, if you can operate a stapler, you can complete this project.  Here is a list of what you'll need:

  1. Elmer's Cork Foam Board (I bought mine at Ben Franklin Crafts for $12)
  2. Fabric (1/2 yard will do)
  3. Stapler
  4. Command Picture Hanging Strips (I used four size Medium strips)
Start by ironing your fabric to get out any wrinkles.  Then lay out your fabric with the right-side of the fabric facing down.

 (Quick disclaimer: these pictures are not good.  I had horrible lighting.  And I am not a photographer.  Bear with me.)

Place your foam board, cork side down, on top of the fabric.

Wrap the edges of the fabric around the cork board and start stapling.  

Staple all the way around, pulling tightly as you go.

Attach the Command Strips to the back of the foam board.  

Hang on the wall and -- voila! -- you are done!

Seriously, is that easy or what?  

I loaded up my bulletin board with fabric pins and hung my long and bulky necklaces from it, but really the possibilities are endless.  You could use this board in an office to hold a calendar and business cards, near the phone for notes and other reminders, or in the closet to pin up outfit inspiration images you find in magazines or online.  

The rest of my jewelry is located on a nearby shelf in this jewelry box that my mom got me for Christmas. 

I love having all my jewelry nearby as I am getting dressed so that I can put my outfit together from top to bottom. (Well, almost...most of my shoes are stored in the garage).  And I especially love that hanging my necklaces keeps them from getting jumbled and tangled.  

And for those of you who are curious as to how our closet looks now, here are a few before (left) and afters (right) for you.  Not too dramatic, but it sure has made a difference for us:

How do you keep your jewelry organized?  What other uses can you think of for a pretty bulletin board?

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