Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keeping Your T-Shirts Organized with File-Folding

We had an intensely busy few days this past weekend full of birthday parties, BBQ's, errands, and, of course, a little organizing.  Okay, make that a lot of organizing.  I somehow cajoled my hubby into cleaning out our dresser and closet with me.  It was one of those projects that I have known was coming, so for the the past two months I had completely given up on even trying to keep things orderly.  Picture half-folded shirts shoved into drawers and clothes falling off the hangers.  It was bad.

I'll be posting before/after shots of our clean closet later this week, but for today I wanted to share with you my "file folding" technique that will make keeping your drawers organized easy-peasy.

We used to fold our shirts in what I will call "The Gap Method".  (Remember in Reality Bites how Janeane Garofalo worked at The Gap and was obsessed with getting the perfect fold on the t-shirts?  I think I watched that movie 20 times when I was in college.)  Anyway, here is how The Gap Method works:  1) Fold sleeves behind back of shirt.  2)  Fold shirt in half.  3)  Stack shirts one on top of the other.

This method may be all fine and dandy at The Gap, but in my dresser drawer, it was a recipe for disaster.  With the shirts all in one pile, we were constantly searching through the stack to find the exact shirt we were looking for.  The stack never stayed as nice as it does on the store shelves and our drawers were a jumbled mess.

Enter file-folding.  Start with your basic T.  (Go Dawgs!)

Next, fold your shirt as usual.

Now, here is the trick: fold your shirt in half again.  You will get a thick small rectangle.

Instead of stacking your shirts, "file" them in your drawer.

You will be able to clearly see all your shirts at the same time.  AND you can easily pull out the exact shirt you want without disturbing any of the other shirts in your drawers!  Love, love!

I went kind-of crazy with this method and use it in my husband's t-shirt drawer... t-shirt drawer (notice the labels.  I just. can't. stop.)

...with my tank-top collection (in my dark, poorly lit, closet)

...with J's shirts in his dresser (old shoe boxes make great drawer dividers for kid's clothes)

...and even to organize J's pants and shorts.

I swear, once you start file-folding your shirts, you'll never go back to your old method again.  It's just that good. 

How do you fold your t-shirts?  What tricks do you use for keeping your dresser drawers neat and tidy? 

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