Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Clean(er) Coat Closet

While working on J&A's bedrooms, I have sworn off all other home organizing projects.  I tend to get project ADD and quickly skip from one project to another without fully completing any of them.  So while we are on a deadline for the kids' bedroom reveals, I have told myself to put on blinders when it comes to the rest of my house and focus, focus, focus on the tasks at hand.

But there is one spot in my house that I just couldn't ignore any longer.  Tried as I might, this eye sore was just too big to ignore and something had to be done.  I'm talking about our entry way coat closet.

WARNING:  These images are graphic and disturbing.  You may want to scroll down quickly.  

 Yes, it was bad.  Real bad.

You won't find any Pinterest worthy pictures in today's post, no dramatic transformations, no big reveal that will leave you wondering if this is really the same closet in the before pictures.  No, folks, not today.  Today is about keeping it real.  And the reality is that sometimes organizing isn't about making a space picture perfect, it is just about making it better than it was before.

I started Operation Coat Closet by emptying it out.  Every. Little. Thing.  It was terrifying.

I could tell right away that we have too many coats.  Seriously, we don't need this many.  But to be honest, I didn't have the time to sort through them and make decisions about what to keep and what to toss, so they all ended up back in the closet  I know this is bad form when it comes to organizing, but I also know that this closet is far from "done" so I will get around to sorting those coats soon.  

I was able to sort through my purse collection and put several of them in a pile for Goodwill.  Along with the purses went shoes that no longer fit J&A, a diaper bag, and a bunch of diaper supplies.  (Woohoo!  No more diapers!).  

Once I got rid of everything that didn't belong in the closet, I slowly started to put things away.  I started at the bottom of the closet and worked my way up. 

The two white plastic bins hold items that need to be returned and items for donation.  They make running errands so much easier when I can just grab a bin and head out the door, instead of searching around the house for the items I need to bring with me.  

I switched out the baskets I was using for J&A's shoes and opted for this wire drawer system that was hiding in our basement.  It fit in the closet a bit better than the bins I was using previously and allowed just enough room for me to tuck our cordless vacuum behind it in the corner.

A while back, I re-purposed plastic file boxes into wall-mounted bins to store our reusable grocery sacks and paper bags.  

I found the file boxes (size Large) at The Container Store and simply drilled them into the wall.   

I love thinking up creative ways to use spaces that at first seem unusable and this is one of my favorite projects to date.  These boxes were inexpensive, easy to hang, and provide extra storage in a space that otherwise would have gone ignored.  

My purses made their way back to the top shelf and the coats got hung up on the rod.

Is it perfect?  No.  Is it better than it was when I started?  Yep.  For today, that's good enough for me.

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