Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Favorite Organizing Tool and a FREE GIVEAWAY from Thirty-One!

Eeeeeek!! I am so excited about this post I can hardly contain myself!  Not only do I get to tell you about one of my favorite products that helps keep me organized, but one of YOU will also get the chance to be a winner in Everyday Organizing's first ever giveaway!

Some of you may already be familiar with Thirty-One brand products.  Thirty-One makes a variety of high quality bags and accessories including purses, wallets, totes, suitcases, coolers, etc.  My love affair with Thirty-One began earlier this summer after my friend (and Thirty-One consultant), Ann, gave me a Large Utility Tote as a thank-you present for a girl's weekend I organized.  I had heard of Thirty-One, but this was the first time I had ever owned any of their products.  Since that fateful day in early July, this tote and I have been practically inseparable.

I practically swoon just looking at it.

I love this tote for so many reasons.  At only $35 and with lots of patterns to choose from, it measures almost one-foot deep and just under two-feet long, which ends up being the perfect size for a busy family on the go.  I also appreciate that it is made from a water-resistant material that is easy to wipe clean in case of any spills.  The tote can stand up on its own, or collapse down to fit into a smaller space.

I keep my tote next to the door leading out to our garage and use it is a catch-all for items that I need to bring with me to the car.  As I am getting ready to get out the door in the morning, I simply walk by the tote and drop in whatever it is I need to take with me for that day.  Instead of making multiple trips to the car, now I can take everything I need in one trip with the help of the Large Utility Tote.

Here is my tote loaded up on a typical day out with the kids.  Inside I have my purse, J&A's backpacks, sweatshirts, water bottles and a snack bag.

For a day of running errands it is filled with a few items I need to return, a bag of donations for Goodwill, my purse and my water bottle.

It is also perfect for taking to the park.  Here I have our park backpack, our lunch bag, our park blanket and a couple balls.

We have a SUV and the tote fits perfectly on the floor of the passenger seat.  For smaller cars (or when you have a passenger who actually wants some legroom) you can drop it in your trunk.

My friend, Ann, uses her Large Utility Tote to transport tennis balls for tennis practice.  Check it out filled to the brim with over 200 tennis balls!

The Large Utility Tote is a must when heading to the grocery store.  It is perfect for corralling all those full grocery sacks (no more having canned goods and loaves of bread rolling all over the back of my car) and makes it easy to get the groceries into the house in just one trip.

I could go on and on with ways to use this tote (beach trips, swimming lessons, soccer practice, etc.) but instead I think it's time I tell you the most exciting part of this post:  Ann is giving away the Large Utility Tote pictured below to a lucky Everyday Organizing reader! Yes -- giving it away!  For FREE!  Can I get a "woot-woot"?

But, guess what folks?  That's not all!  You see, everyone is a winner today because Ann is also offering $5 off when you spend $50 or more in her Thirty-One shop in the next two weeks.  Yep, it just keeps getting better and better!

Besides my favorite Large Utility Tote, here are some other Thirty-One products I have been drooling over:

(1) Organizing Utility Tote in Party Punch, $30 (2) Thermal Tote in Hoo's Chilly, $18 (3) Cosmetic Bag Set in Black Floral Brushstroke, $35 (4) Retro Metro Bag in Say it Taupe, $55 (5) Retro Metro Weekender in Best Buds, $80

Wow! So much happening in one little blog post!  Start by entering the raffle below and then head over to Ann's Thirty-One page to do a little shopping.  (You can visit Ann's page by clicking here.)

Raffle participants must live within the Continental United States to be eligible. Participants may obtain additional raffle entries by liking Everyday Organizing on Facebook or by leaving a comment on this blog.  Raffle winner will be announced Tuesday, September 17, 2013.  Ann's special deal ($5 off when you spend $50 or more) ends on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.