Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poppin' Tags (or "Items I Scored at the Thrift Shop")

I don't know if Macklemore is into home decorating, but if he is, I am pretty sure I did him proud on my recent trips to Value Village and Goodwill.

I went in search of items I could use in J&A's new rooms and I came home with full hands and hardly even a dent in my wallet.  Gotta love those thrift shop prices.

For J's room, I am planning a gallery wall as well as some other artwork.  I picked up an assortment of frames at my local Value Village, including a poster-sized frame that we want to use to frame a map of the United States.  The one poster-size frame I was eye-balling at Ikea sells for $24.99; I was able to score all the frames pictured below for $17.25!  With a coat of glossy black spray paint, they will look good as new.

I had been hoping to give both kids new lighting fixtures in their rooms, but as we reviewed our budget for this project we decided that new ceiling lights would be one of the first things to go.  So when I came upon this lampshade at the Goodwill for $7.99 I did my little happy dance as my brain started spinning with ways I could convert it into the perfect ceiling light for J's room.

I came across these car coat hooks at TJ Maxx.  For only $3.99 each they were just as good as thrift store prices.  I have a vision of them painted orange and mounted on a 1x4 to make a fun coatrack for J's room.

For A's room, I was happy to find an assortment of lovely teacups at Value Village.  These six teacups were a total of $10.

I also found a teapot and two creamers totaling $10 that will fit with the "tea party" theme in A's room.  I am planning to fill the teapot with something heavy (maybe wax?) to use as a bookend on her bookshelf.

This little nightstand was a major find at only $6.99!  She may not be too pretty now, but I am confident that some paint and new hardware will have her looking like a beauty queen in no time.

Another thrift store find, another painting project.  This mirror was $4.99 and will get a coat of glossy spray paint (color TBD) for A's room.  

I honestly can't believe how much I was able to get for under $65.  And to think how much I would have spent if I would have bought all these things brand new!  What has been your best thrift store find?  Any tips or tricks for getting the best deals at the thrift shop?

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