Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toddler Backpack

Happy Tuesday!  I am excited about the progress we are making in J&A's bedrooms.  I am now convinced there is nothing I cannot do with a can of spray paint.  Furniture, mirrors, coat hooks, picture frames -- they are no match for me and my trigger finger.  I'll be sharing updates with you as we wrap up each project, but for today I have something a little different in mind.  I have mentioned a couple times about J&A's backpacks (here and here).  I figure it is about time to tell you about what we keep in these cute little packs.  

J&A each received an adorable Skip Hop backpack from my aunt for Christmas last year.  I love all the colorful and cute options that these backpacks come in -- there are so many great ones to choose from!  The backpacks came at a perfect time as I was officially done with playing Sherpa to J&A.  After two plus years of schlepping around diapers, toys, snacks, bottles, clothes, and books, J&A were finally old enough to start carrying their own load.  

J&A have been potty trained for a while now, but there are still the occasional accidents so I always try to be prepared.  Each backpack contains a reusable cloth bag that has a water proof lining.  I purchased mine at a local boutique, but you can find it here.

In each bag I have a pull-up, two changes of underwear, a spare pair of pants and a roll of Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags (to hold any soiled clothes).

The spare clothes have come in handy on more than one occasion.  And the fact that we keep them in the backpacks means that I am not lugging around a diaper bag or running out to get clean clothes from the car with a wet child on my hip.  (Have you ever realized while in the public bathroom that you left the extra clothes in the car?  I have.  Me + half naked child + a second toddler (also possibly half-naked) + running through a parking lot = no fun.)

The backpack is also the perfect place to keep activities for the kids to do in the car and while waiting at restaurants and appointments.  Each child has a small coloring book that I found in the dollar section of Target.  (Isn't the dollar section of Target the best?  I have had so many good finds there.  Holla for a dollar!).

And to go along with the coloring book, I use an old Altoids tin to hold a dozen crayons.   

J&A love stickers so I filled a sandwich size Ziploc bag with a mismatch of old stickers.  A sketchbook that I found at Staples gives them a place to put their stickers or create their own drawings.

One of my favorite features of the backpack is the water bottle pocket on the outside.  I always bring water bottles for each member of my family when we are out and about so it is nice that J&A can now carry their own.

Once loaded up, there is still plenty of room left in the backpack for a few favorite toys, books or a snack.  My children (now almost three) can easily carry these backpacks by themselves and I am careful not to put anything too heavy in them.

How do you keep your kids organized for outings?  What are some of your favorite activities for keeping your children entertained in restaurants or while waiting for appointments?

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