Tuesday, October 1, 2013

J&A Bedroom Update: Fabrics & Paints

Things have quieted down on the blog, but not because they have quieted down at my house.  Honestly, it was taking a lot of time to do projects, take photos, write posts, edit posts, etc. and I just couldn't keep up with it all.  So, I decided I needed to focus on completing the kids' bedrooms and post when I am able.  And today, I am able.  :)

Today I am giving you a preview of the color scheme for J&A's bedrooms. My mom sews incredible quilts and is currently working her fingers to the bones on new twin-bed quilts for J&A.  They probably won't be done until at least Christmas, but we have picked out most of the fabrics which has, in turn, set the tones for the rest of the rooms.

As a reminder, we are decorating A's room in "garden tea party" theme.  Her quilt is a blend of
garden colors, incorporating teal, pink, green and yellow fabrics.  I only snapped one picture (with my phone) before turning the fabrics over to my mom.   (The yellow fabric is not pictured since we bought it at a later date).

I fell completely in love with the center fabric the moment I saw it and it served as our inspiration for the rest of the quilt.  For A's room I wanted fabric that had a feminine quality without being over-the-top girly.  I also wanted fabrics that would transition from toddler to elementary to tween years.

I picked up some coordinating fabrics to use in an pennant flag banner that I am currently working on.

We are leaving A's room its current color, Hinoki by Benjamin Moore.

It is a lovely creamy yellow and will be a perfect backdrop for the blue, pink and green accents we will have throughout the room.

For J's room, we are doing a "travel" theme.  I used a map as my color inspiration, focusing on the colors of the land (orange) and sea (turquoise).  I added in the gray to give it some masculinity and a neutral base.

For J's walls, we are planning to paint them Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Stonington Gray, Benjamin Moore

He has one large, solid wall that we are going to paint gray and white horizontal stripes.  The rest of the walls will be gray and we are adding in accents of orange and turquoise using artwork and other accessories.

I love the directions both of these rooms are going and am excited to see how they will come together.