Friday, October 18, 2013

The Look for Less: Brocade Bin

When planning A's new bedroom, I knew I wanted a bin to store books that would fit on the shelf of her nightstand.  I found a white, metal, brocade bin at The Container Store that was exactly what I was looking for, but at $25, it was way more than I wanted to spend.

I continued searching for other options online and in various stores, but nothing could live up to the brocade bin.  So, during the final hours of our makeover weekend, I decided to give in and zipped over to The Container Store to purchase the bin.

Upon leaving The Container Store, I happened to make a quick stop at Office Depot.  I was looking for some clear, Lucite bookends for A's room and the store clerk pointed me to the back aisle of the store.  I couldn't find the kind of bookends I was looking for, but guess what I did find in that aisle?  A white, metal, brocade bin!  And this one was half the price of the one that was sitting in the back seat of my car -- only $12.99 ($11.99 online)!  I could hardly believe my eyes!

Check them out side-by-side -- they are practically identical!  

The Office Depot bin now sits proudly on A's nightstand holding some of her favorite bedtime books, while The Container Store bin is waiting to be returned to the store.  (No hard feelings towards The Container Store -- I love that place!).  

What do you think of A's new book basket?  Have you ever found a great "look for less"?

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