Monday, November 4, 2013

Loose Ends

I am finally coming out of the fog that was the kids' bedrooms (here and here).  For the past two months, it felt like I was living and breathing the details of those room makeovers.  Every spare second I had was poured into running errands, making artwork, sewing, crafting, and painting.  I tend to get project-ADD where I start one thing, and then get motivated to start something else, which then leads to a third and fourth project, and in the end I have lots of loose ends and nothing completed. When it came to J&A's bedrooms, I put on my blinders and focused solely on those rooms.  The tunnel vision served me well as the rooms came together just as I had envisioned them, but in the meantime, all the loose ends I had laying around the house prior to starting the bedroom project continued to remain undone.  As a result, I am dedicating the remainder of 2013 to tying up all my loose ends.  No big room makeovers, no starting fun new projects, just me trying to tackle all those things that I have been avoiding for the past two months.  And, trust me, there's a lot to get done.

I figured by putting my to-do list out into the blogosphere, it will help hold me accountable to actually completing all these projects, so here you have it:

1)  Complete our 2012-2013 Family Yearbook:  When our children were born, I decided it would be fun to do a Family Yearbook each year.  I have been using Shutterfly to create our yearbooks, which are really just photo albums that sum up our year.   Our yearbooks run on the school year calendar, with each book covering September - August.  I completed 2010-11 and 2011-12.  For the 2012-13 yearbook, I think I am up to March 2013, which means I still have five months (April, May, June, July and August) to complete before I can call it good.  

2)  Begin and get caught up with the 2013-14 Family Yearbook:  See #1 above.  I would like to have September - December done by the end of the year.  

3)  Hang coat racks in the garage:  Remember back in June when we cleaned out our garage?  I had every intention of hanging some coat racks on the wall next to our shoe storage, but four months later and it still hasn't happened.  Thus, it's on the list.

4)  Install door-stoppers throughout our house:  About six months ago, I walked around the house and counted up all the doors that had broken door stoppers.  I even went to Home Depot and purchased them.  They have been living in our garage ever since.  This is one of those projects that will take less than 30-minutes, but somehow hasn't yet gotten done.  See?  I told you I had project-ADD.

5)  Add shelf in laundry linen closet:  After updating our laundry room in July, I decided I wanted to add one more shelf to the linen closet.  I had some extra shelving leftover from creating the counter above our washer/dryer, so I took it to Home Depot and had the friendly folks in the orange aprons cut it down to size.  When I got the shelf home, I realized I had them cut it too long and I couldn't fit it into the closet.  So, I re-measured and brought it back to Home Depot to have it cut again.  But, of course, I had forgotten the new measurements at home and so I made a wild guess which did not serve me well since when I got home the shelf was now too short.  I still have another leftover shelf piece, so now I need to measure one more time (and probably one more time after that -- "measure twice, cut once," so they say) and head back to Home Depot to have it cut again.  And cross my fingers that I get it right this time.

6)  Update my recipe book:  I keep a 3-ring notebook of our favorite recipes and it is a total mess.  It needs to be cleaned-up and cleaned-out.  (More details here).

7)  Sort, sell and purge all of our baby stuff:  We recently decided it was time to get rid of all our baby gear.  It used to be all organized and well-contained in the walk-in closet in our office/guest room, but over time it began creeping out of the closet like an invasive ivy plant, spreading itself all over the floor and the furniture.  You think I am exaggerating?  Here, judge for yourself:

We are planning to Craigslist the larger items, sell some items through consignment sales, donate items to a local thrift shop that supports one of our favorite charities (Bellevue LifeSpring), and trash or recycle the rest.  It is going to be quite an undertaking.

8)  Burn the remainder of our CD's to our hard drive:  This is honestly the project that I am the least looking forward to doing but the most looking forward to being done.  My hubby and I realized that we always listen to music via some kind of MP3 player and thus really have no need for the hundreds of CD's that have been taking up space in our basement.  We decided to burn all of our CD's to our hard drive so that we could get rid of the physical CD.  That was TWO YEARS ago now.  Within the first month of our bright idea, I had about half of the CD's burnt.  But since that time, the CD's have been travelling around our house, living in different areas for months at a time.  For a while they were in our family room where I had to look at them everyday.  I thought by seeing them, it would motivate me to actually do something about them.  That didn't work.  I moved them a few feet away to our dining room where they lived on our sideboard for several months.  Again, they were ignored.  Then I put them on top of the mantle in our otherwise empty living room.  I could still see them every day, but would quickly turn my head and walk away.  Recently, they got dumped back into the basement where they have made friends with the massive amount of baby supplies mentioned in #7 above.  

I don't know why I have such an aversion to this project.  I think it is because I tend to like projects that are more hands-on, projects where I can quickly see results.  Cleaning out a closet, painting a room, organizing a drawer -- those are the things that get my blood pumping.  Sitting in front of a computer burning CD's, not so much.


So, that's my list.  I am sure as we wade our way through these projects, we will find other loose ends that need to be tied up and will tackle those as well.  I have a huge list of projects swimming around in my head for 2014, so my goal is to start off the year with a clean slate.  Wish me luck!