Friday, February 28, 2014

Organized Art Caddy

Lately it seems like I've been busy doing lots of DIY projects and home decorating over here on the blog and I figured I am long overdue for a good, old-fashioned organizing post.  Organizing is my true passion and my favorite kinds of projects are those that are quick, easy and inexpensive.  Today's organizing project meets all three of those criteria.  

The other day while browsing over at our local Value Village, I came across this bright and sunny utensil caddy.  At only $3.99 it was a steal!

I have seen these caddies used all over blogland for a variety of purposes and couldn't wait to re-imagine it into something my family would use on a daily basis.  My daughter has been really into coloring lately, so an art caddy for the kids was a no-brainer. 

The inside was a bit dirty, but other than that, the caddy was in great shape.

I gave it a thorough washing and then got to work on filling it up with art supplies for J&A.  I used the napkin compartment to hold some plain white paper and a few favorite coloring books.

The divided silverware compartments keep our water color paints, crayons and colored pencils (that's "pencil crayons" for all you Canadians!).  

To keep the crayons from getting lost at the bottom of the caddy, I used a few of J&A's wooden blocks to raise the depth of the compartment.

I then covered the blocks with a piece of white cardstock so that crayons wouldn't fall in between the cracks.

I cut out the word "ART" using the vinyl kit for my Silhouette and adhered it to the front of the caddy.

This picture makes me so happy.  It's kind of ridiculous how excited I get over a good label.  

J&A love their new art caddy and I love having it all organized in a cheerful little container.  Win-win!

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  1. Hey Kristen, this is Sarah Wiedmaier. I am catching up on some blog reading and I had to comment! I love this! It is so cute! Ryan makes fun of me for saying pencil crayons instead of colored pencils, so it was so cool to see you acknowledge that name too! Thanks! Also, so I'm not commenting on five different posts, I loved your correspondence cupboard, and too small/too big bin ideas! I am always searching for stamps, envelopes, cards etc, when I want to mail something, so having it in a central place would great. And right now my too small clothes are in a pile in our entryway. Not the best place for them! Thanks for the great tips! Lastly, I love the "as is" progress of the family room! I love that kind of lamp and it looks great in your space. Love that you find so much on Craigslist! I've gotten so close to getting great stuff a number of times and then at the last minute it falls through, but I'm not giving up! The pillows are so great too! I love all the colors. Very springy! Sorry for such a long comment. See you later!