Thursday, March 6, 2014

Correspondence Cupboard

I am suddenly realizing I have never introduced you to my Correspondence Cupboard. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

Friends, meet cupboard; cupboard, meet friends.

Okay, now with the formalities out of the way, let me tell you all about this little corner of my kitchen known as the Correspondence Cupboard.  I heart this cupboard for many reasons, but mainly because I was able to put three of my best organizing tips to the test in this one space:  1) keep it where you use it, 2) group items you often use together in one spot and 3) store the items you access the most in your most accessible spaces.  

Back in January 2013 when I was doing a complete clean-out of my kitchen, I decided to switch up this cupboard.  This cupboard is located right above a small built-in desk we have in our kitchen and is easy to access; in other words it was "prime real estate" in our kitchen.  Previously, it had been used to store our barware: wine glasses, martini glasses, and decanters. While I do enjoy a good glass of wine, we usually use stemless wine glasses that we keep in a separate cupboard alongside our everyday water glasses.  The other barware gets used only occasionally when we have guests, so I decided to move it into the buffet in our dining room, freeing up this cupboard for items that I use more often.

Around that same time, I was busy finishing up our thank-you cards for Christmas gifts and I realized how inefficient my system was for mailing a simple note.  I had stationary and cards stored in our office in the basement, stamps were kept in my wallet, pens were in the desk drawer in the kitchen, and all of our addresses were stored on an Excel spreadsheet on my computer.  The amount of time I spent gathering the supplies to write a quick note took more time than the actual writing of the card.

With a recently emptied cupboard calling my name above our kitchen desk, the idea of the Correspondence Cupboard was born.

I started by gathering together everything I need to write a card or letter:  stationary/cards, envelopes, stamps, return address stamp, and addresses.

CD boxes that I had on hand are used to store spare envelopes and boxed notecards, while a small tray corrals our return address stamps.

One of my least favorite tasks is buying greeting cards, so whenever I see one I like, I purchase it and file it away it in a coupon folder that I divided into different occasions (birthdays, holidays, love, friendship, etc).

I took advantage of the space on the back of the cupboard door by making my own hanging wall organizers out of card stock.

The large organizer holds a hard-copy of our Excel address book (no more having to turn on a computer in order to write a letter!); the small organizer is used for storing stamps.

The top shelf of the cupboard has nothing to do with correspondence, but since you are probably wondering what I keep up there, it is my recipe binder and other household notebooks.

No more running around the house to mail a letter; now, everything I need is in one convenient little spot.

I'm glad you finally had the chance to meet.

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