Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Room Update: Pretty Pillows!

I'm back with another update on our family room: new pillows!

The pillows we had were nice.

I liked the stripes and they were still in good condition considering I bought them 10+ years ago.  But the colors were a bit muted and the background color was tan, and, as I have discussed several times, my goal is to get rid of the beige boredom that was happening in this space.  I wanted something fresh, bright, and vivid.

I recently read a blog post from my friend, Jen*, in which she re-covered a desk chair using the most perfect fabric:  P Kaufman's Arrabella Pink.

(*To clarify, when I call her my "friend" what I really mean is that I obsessively stalk her on her blog but she has no idea who I am or that I even exist.)

I fell hard and fast for the spring-y colors and floral pattern and searched high and low all over the Internet for it only to learn that the fabric had been discontinued.  Noooooo!!!!

I searched Home Goods, Target, Pier 1 and Cost Plus World Market for pillows in a similar fabric but had no luck.  Then, one day, I wandered into my local Hancock Fabrics and saw The Fabric hanging on a wall.  I squealed!  I jumped for joy!  I almost hugged the stranger next to me but restrained myself!

On further inspection, I learned that it wasn't quite The Fabric.  Same designer, similar pattern and colors, but not the exact same fabric.

But by Jove, I actually loved it more than my inspiration fabric (not quite so bubble-gum pink) so I picked up two yards.

The picture above doesn't do justice to the cheerful jewel toned colors in the fabric:  apple green, turquoise blue, a rosey pink, and hints of yellow.  Oh, and did I mention the fabric was on sale for 50% off?  Score!

Back at home, I busted out my sewing machine and used this tutorial to sew myself three pillow covers using the floral fabric and a fourth pillow cover using a modern grey/white print.  I am certainly not an avid sewer (a straight line is about all I can do), but, honestly, it was really easy and they turned out great.

I knew I wanted a mix of traditional and modern elements in the room.  I love how the floral pillows provide the more traditional -- almost grandmotherly -- feel, while the pillows with the more graphic patterns bring it all into the 21st century.

The blue teardrop pillow, the yellow infinity pillow, and the pink/grey herringbone pillow are all from Target.

Speaking of Target, check out this awesome pouf that I also picked up on sale from $69 down to $40 (using a coupon I had for 15% off Threshold brand pillows).

OH! And I almost forgot to tell you about the apple green garden stool I found at Tuesday Morning for only $50!  It makes for the perfect side table and brings another pop of color into the space.

This room continues to feel brighter and airier and ready for spring!  And, one-and-a-half more things got crossed off my to-do list!

new couch
large area rug
smaller area rug (for layering)
new coffee table
re-style bookcase
console table and/or end table
new throw pillows
window treatments?
paint walls
paint molding and trim
address large, empty wall (gallery wall? desk? sitting nook?)
gallery wall next to TV
art above Expedit