Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

I'm ba-aack!

If you are wondering where I have been the past month, the answer is that my computer has been in the shop getting repaired.  And it probably comes as no surprise that it is hard to write a blog without a computer.  The good news is that after two separate attempts at repairs, I am now finally able to connect to the Internet.  The bad news is that the wireless still does not seem to be functioning completely, so I have a feeling another trip to the HP hospital is in the near future.  Nonetheless, I have been dying to share with you some organizing I did under our kitchen sink, so before I bid adieu to my computer once again, I am busting out this new post.

Okay, remember that monthly cleaning checklist I started back in March?  Well, truth be told it took me six weeks to get through the list the first time.  I re-started my cleaning list on May 1st and now it is the end of May and I am only half-way through.  So, I am figuring it is more like a bi-monthly cleaning challenge.  But even so, I am still LOVING it.  I am planning a whole separate post about why I love it so much, so I will spare you all the mushy details for now.

An-y-ways, one of the tasks on my cleaning checklist was to sanitize the garbage cans in our kitchen and clean out under the kitchen sink.  Trust me, it was a task that desperately needed to be done.  Here is some proof:

We use the cupboard under our sink for storing dish washing supplies and housing a large laundry basket we use to collect our recycling.  In the cupboard next door, we installed pull-out trash can holders for our garbage and compost containers.  (We are big into composting.  Actually, that isn't true.  My husband is big into composting and I had to convert when we got married.  It was even part of our wedding ceremony, I kid you not.  Thankfully, we can dump all our compost into our yard waste container and the city takes it all away, so we don't have to deal with a bin in our backyard; that might have been a deal breaker for me.)

As you can see from my photographic evidence, both cupboards needed a little TLC.  I started by emptying everything out of the cabinets and then used our wet/dry vacuum to suck out as much dirt as possible.

I then used a combination of 1 cup water and 1 TBS castille soap to scrub down the inside of the cabinets.  Using an old sponge, I made sure to get the bottom of the cabinets, the side walls and the insides of all the doors.  Things were looking much better.

(Just a quick disclaimer: our cabinets are old and not in great condition, so forgive the stains, scratches and dents you see in a few of these pictures.  It will take a lot more than a vacuum and soapy water to fix some of these problems!)

To organize under the kitchen sink, I headed over to my organizing Mecca, The Container Store, and picked up a few shoe drawers to hold our sponges, microfiber cloths and dishwasher tabs.

I used my trusty Silhouette to cut out labels with a piece of pink adhesive vinyl.

I already had the wall mounted racks for the cabinet doors, but I did switch out the clips for my dish gloves and cleaning cloth. I was using Command clips, but unfortunately they both broke, so I improvised using clips that I had on hand and a small nail.  (A binder clip would work perfectly for this.)

Our recycling basket and both trash cans got an intense sanitizing with some bleach water before they were allowed back in their clean cupboards.

And, of course, I couldn't resist a few more labels.  

I am actually probably more excited than I should admit with how these labels turned out.  I did this project over a month now and I still get little butterflies in my stomach just looking at this picture.  I have a problem, I know.

Just a couple more pretty pics to drool over...

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