Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kitchen Make-Over: Making Plans

Ever since moving into this house six years ago, my husband and I have dreamed of remodeling our kitchen.  Our current kitchen isn't bad, but we personally don't love it.

We have grandiose plans for an entirely new layout, custom cabinets, quartz counter tops, a gas stove, a double-oven, and -- the kicker -- taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to really open up our space.  In our minds, it all sounds great;  in our wallet, it is totally impossible.

So, instead of living with a kitchen we don't love any longer, I have made it my mission to make-over our kitchen on a very tight budget.  Here is what we have on our to-do list:
  • Address counter tops/clean grout
  • Add extra shelves inside cabinets
  • Paint recessed lighting trim
  • Paint cabinets and doors
  • Paint base molding and window molding
  • Add base shoe trim to baseboards
  • Add decorative molding to sides of cabinets/island
  • Add soffits/crown molding to tops of cabinets
  • Change cabinet hardware*
  • New light over kitchen table*
  • Pendant light over sink*
  • New barstools*
  • Add floating shelf above desk
  • Accent wall above desk
  • Paint/recover desk chair
  • Paint walls
  • Add curtains to breakfast nook
The starred (*) items are things that we don't mind investing a bit more money in since we would hope to re-use them in our dream kitchen, if we are ever to make that a reality.  Everything else on the list is low on cost but high on elbow grease.

I am anticipating this will be one of those projects that takes several months before it is fully complete.  (Remember our family room?  Six months later and our to-do list looks pretty much the same.)  However, we have started crossing a few items off the list already that I am excited to share with you.  Tune in later this week for a quick and easy idea for adding storage to your kitchen cabinets!