Friday, September 26, 2014

Target Dollar Bins

I was at Target the other day picking up a few birthday cards and, of course, I had to do my usual slow motion walk through the Dollar Spot.

Man, I love the Dollar Spot.

On this particular occasion I was blown away by the number of cute bins and baskets they had on-hand, all running between $1-$3 each.  I love using these types of bins for organizing, so, as any self-respecting organizing blogger would do, I plunked down on the floor right there in the middle of the aisle, whipped out my camera phone and began snapping pictures so that I could share my findings with all of you.  Holla for a dolla, people!

I love this little chicken wire basket.  It came in both an oval and square shape and was only $3!

I could totally see it on a bathroom counter top filled with rolled-up washcloths or yummy smelling soap or a bunch of those hotel shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottles that we all like to pretend we don't steal.  

These orange and purple bins were also $3 each.

I would use these for corralling small toys in my kids' rooms or for storing spices in my pantry.  

I also really liked this metal tin with the handles.  It came in several different colors and was $3.

The tin reminded me of ones that Jen over at I Heart Organizing uses to store her sons' lego projects.

These plastic bins were two for $1.

The came in both black and white, oval or rectangle.  Not only are they cute on their own, but their small size would be perfect hidden inside a drawer to organize small items.

I love love love these little glass jars.

I am not sure why I didn't buy a whole collection of them.  I had an idea of lining them up on a shelf in J&A's bathroom to store A's hair accessorizes.  They would also be cute on a desk filled with staples, paper clips, thumb tacks, etc.  They were only $1 each and they already had a tag on them that was begging to be labeled.

This handled, silver tin was also just $1.

I have several tins similar to this in my house that I use to store craft supplies like markers, crayons, and washi tape.

Of all the great items I found in the Dollar Spot, this little beauty was the one that came home with me:

It is almost identical to the Skurar plant pot from Ikea, but at only $1 each it was even cheaper than the Ikea version.  CHEAPER THAN IKEA, PEOPLE!  Sorry for screen-shouting at you, but these are the kinds of things that get me excited.

I have seen the Ikea version scattered around the Pinterest universe so I made a little Pinterest-inspired collage to spark some ideas for its use:

jewelry/make-up brushes/utensil holder/herb garden/lamp shade/storage/flowers

I haven't decided yet how or where I will use my little lace-lined tin, but I have a feeling it will end up somewhere in A's room since when she saw it she declared her undying love for it and repeatedly asked if it was for her.

From personal experience, I have found that items at the Dollar Spot don't last long, so run, don't walk, to your nearest Target to pick up a few of your favorite bins -- and then let me know how and where you use them!