Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adding Storage to Kitchen Cabinets

Earlier this week I told you about our plans for a mini make-over in our kitchen.  One of my goals was to clear off our counter tops.

I am the first to admit, they aren't that bad.  In fact, I am sure that most people would consider them very tidy.

But even so, I wanted to try and hide a few of those bulkier items like the Magic Bullet and the coffee pot out of sight.

I started out by heading over to Home Depot where I picked up a piece of white melamine shelving that measured 11 1/4 inches deep and 8 feet long.  The depth was perfect for our kitchen cabinets so all I needed was to have the handy guys in orange to cut the length of the shelf into three pieces that would fit into our cabinets.

Back at home, I got to work with some major cabinet rearranging.  Unfortunately, as I was writing this post, I realized that somehow all the "before" pictures I took of the cabinets and the counters got deleted.  Oops!  Guess we'll just have the "after" photos today!

In the cabinet above our microwave, I added a shelf to store a few rarely used items like lids to our Pyrex dishes and a few mugs that have sentimental value.

I then cleared out the cabinet to the left of the sink and decided to turn that into our coffee/tea/smoothie cupboard.  

I had been wanting to corral all these items into one space for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.  Coffee items are on the top shelf; I don't drink coffee and my husband usually drinks his at work, so he agreed that it would be okay for those items to be in a harder to reach spot.  The middle shelf is dedicated to smoothies, which includes the Magic Bullet, protein powder, honey, chia seeds, and a few cups and mugs.  And the bottom shelf is my personal favorite -- the tea shelf!  

Moving my tea collection from the pantry over to this cupboard not only makes it easy to access right next to the stove where I boil my tea water, but it also cleared up a shelf in the pantry.  For a long time now, I have been wanting to conceal a laundry hamper somewhere in our kitchen.  For me, having a hamper in or near the kitchen is a must so that dirty towels don't pile up on the counter.  Up until this cupboard clean-out, we had a small hamper hiding around the corner on the floor of the dining room.  But, with a little rearranging, my available pantry shelf turned out to be the perfect new spot to hide away our dirty laundry (literally!).

The two cabinets to the right of the kitchen sink each got an additional shelf, transforming them from three-shelf cabinets to four-shelf cabinets.  Luckily, my husband and I are both tall, so reaching that top shelf isn't a problem for us.  

In the first cabinet, I have our everyday glasses, mason jars, small bowls and ramekins, and, on the top, hard-to-reach shelf, mugs and dressing jars that we use less often.

The next cabinet over has our everyday dishes, serving bowls and serving platters.

For the $15 I spent at Home Depot on the piece of melamine board, I got an entire cupboard worth of space of new shelving.  Not only was I able to move the appliances off of my counter tops, I was also able to accomplish a few other goals I had for our kitchen including putting together a smoothie station and hiding a hamper in our pantry.

As for the other items still lingering on the counters, I have plans for those, too.  I really like the look of Ikea's Grundtal rail system for storing our cooking utensils and the paper towel roll, and for the knives, I am planning on hanging a magnetic knife rack.

Has anyone else added shelves to their kitchen cabinets?  What tricks do you have for keeping your counter tops clutter free?

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