Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy (Late) Blogiversary

While I was on my unexpected leave of absence this summer, I missed celebrating my one year blogging anniversary.  For me, birthdays and anniversaries are always a time to look back and reflect upon the previous year, so of course, the birthday of this blog would be no different.  To celebrate turning one (well, technically, 16 months), I've decided to share a few Everyday Organizing statistics and highlight some of my favorite posts.

First, the facts.  And since stats aren't always that interesting, I spent WAY too much time creating this little visual for you all.  You're welcome.

I gotta admit, I get pretty excited looking at these numbers.  Who woulda thunk this little ol' blog would draw such a crowd?  Not me, that's for sure.  So, THANK YOU (yes, YOU!!!) for taking the time to read and follow along.  Honestly, it really means so much to me, more than I can express here.  So, truly, thank you.

Okay, enough sap.  Now onto some of my favorite posts and memorable moments from the past year (well, again, 16 months).

Kristin's Favorite Organizing Solution:  Pretend Pull-Outs

This was my first ever post.  We still have these pull-outs in our kitchen and use them every day.  They have continued to keep our Tupperware, mixing bowls, baking supplies and kitchen gadgets organized and easy to access.

Pretend pull-outs post here.

Kristin's Favorite Household Project:  Curtain Rod Clothes Hanger

I have said it before and I'll say it again: my favorite kinds of projects are those that find simple solutions to everyday problems.  Our problem was not having enough space to hang-dry; the solution was two $8 curtain rods.  This little project has had a big impact on our household, allowing us to keep all of our laundry in the laundry room to dry, instead of hanging all over the house.  This also happens to be the most repinned post from my blog on Pinterest, which tells me that maybe some of you also think this is a pretty handy idea.

Curtain rod clothes hanger post here

Kristin's Favorite Room Makeover:  Big Boy Room & Big Girl Room (tied!)

Last year, for J&A's third birthday, we surprised them with brand new Big Boy and Big Girl bedrooms.  It was my first time taking on a room make-over of this magnitude and I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to pull it off.  I spent countless hours gathering ideas, searching Pinterest, shopping in craft stores, creating art work, and spray painting furniture.  We still have a long, long, LONG ways to go in the rest of our home, but these two rooms are exactly and perfectly just how I imagined.  And most importantly, J&A love them.

Big boy room reveal post here.

 Big girl room reveal post here.

As of October 6, 2014, my post on organizing under the bathroom sink had been viewed 27,617 times -- and still counting!  Apparently everyone has a big empty cupboard under their bathroom sink and no one knows what to do with it.  A few stacking drawers and a wall mounted organizer made this space 100 times more functional for us.

Making the most of under your bathroom sink post here.

Biggest Blogging Moment:  My car organizer being featured on IHeart Organizing

If you aren't already obsessed with Jen over at IHeart Organizing, you need to grab yourself a cup of joe and a cozy blanket and plan to spend the next several hours of your life getting lost in her amazing home.  She is my idol and was my inspiration for getting started in this crazy world of blogging.  I think of Jen as the King Midas of the organizing blog world; everything she touches turns to gold.  If I sound like a stalker, apparently I am not the only one since she has over 123,000 followers on Facebook.  I'm telling you, this girl is incredible.

Way back in August 2013, I submitted my coupon-folder-turned-car-organizer post to the monthly IHeart Organizing link party.  There were nearly 200 other posts submitted by other bloggers, so you can imagine my surprise when I was reading her blog about a month later and saw that my post was one of nineteen that were chosen to be featured on her blog.

I may have screamed.  I may have jumped up and down.  I may have shed a few tears.  In other words, I was pretty excited.

Here is a screen shot from her blog.

Do you see the part where she says "Kristin knocked it out of the park"?  I remember reading that and screaming "JEN KNOWS MY NAME!!!"  Or at least she did for thirty seconds while writing that post.  Good enough for me.

For a link to my car organizer post, click here.  

Well, that about wraps it up folks; a year (ahem, 16 months) in the books.  Thanks for reading along and, as always, happy organizing!