Thursday, October 9, 2014

Simple Solutions: Lunch Bag Storage

People often tell me that they feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting organized and I always respond by telling them to start small.  Yes, the idea of organizing your entire house, or an entire room, can feel daunting, but organizing doesn't have to be all or none.

Personally, my favorite aspect of getting organized is finding simple solutions to everyday clutter.  These types of quick, easy projects are manageable for just about everyone, including those who love to organize and those who may be a bit intimidated by it.  You know that phrase "patience is a virtue"?  Unfortunately, it is not a virtue I possess.  I am all about instant gratification and these seemingly minor projects provide immediate results that leave me feeling accomplished and satisfied.  So, in the spirit of easy and stress-free organizing, I am starting a new series here on the blog called Simple Solutions.

J&A started preschool this year which means I am now responsible for packing two little lunches three times a week.  I ordered them each a lunch bag from Land's End and it is the perfect size for their Ziploc lunch boxes and a bottle of water.

Whenever I bring something new into the house, I try my best to give it an immediate home, a place where it belongs.  I had originally thought I would store the lunch bags in the hall closet near where I store J&A's backpacks.  But I quickly realized it was breaking one of my cardinal organizing rules: keep it where you use it.

Apparently the twenty steps from the kitchen to the hall closet was just too much for me since the lunch bags never got put away in their assigned spot, but instead were always laying around on the kitchen counters.  So, I spent some time looking around my kitchen considering new options.

This cabinet is right across from the pantry and the fridge, which means it is right smack dab in the middle of the lunch packing zone; in other words, a perfect spot to store lunch bags.

Two Command hooks and ninety seconds later, my project was complete.

Simple.  Easy.  Affordable.  Fast.  A perfect project for this impatient organizer.

What has been a simple, organizing project you have recently completed?  Any other tips for organizing the school lunch routine?

(As a side note, I have a love affair with Command hooks and strips and always have a supply on hand.  The Command hooks are a classic and I use them all over my house -- you can check out a few ways I use them here.  The velcro picture hanging strips are my new favorite Command product; they can hold up to 16 pounds and don't leave any messy holes in your walls!)

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