Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick Tips for Closet Organization

Wow, people! I am certainly feeling the love today! Thank you to everyone for your emails, comments and likes regarding yesterday's post. It feels good to be back!

It has been so long since I have written a honest-to-goodness organizing post. It feels like I have been going through withdrawal. Lucky for all of us, today's post is chock full of organizing tips. Makes this organizing lover's little heart go pitter-patter.

Recently, I went to my friend's house and helped her organize her closet. For those that think organizing is boring or overwhelming, I suggest getting a friend to help you out. Especially a friend who likes to laugh and drink wine. We had a blast.

Newly organized closet!

Helping my friend sort, purge and arrange her closet got me thinking about all my favorite closet organization tips which I am excited to share with you today.

1. Hang your clothes by color, then style (or style, then color -- you choose): Organizing your hanging clothes is not only visually appealing, but also allows you to find items quickly and efficiently. I choose to hang my clothes first by color, then by style. For example, I have all my black shirts together, and then sorted into tanks, tees, long-sleeves, and sweaters within their color section. Conversely, you can do as my friend did and organize your clothes by style, then color. Either way works, as long as you pick a system and stick with it. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to put together an outfit when you start with a well arranged closet.

2. Hang all your clothes in the same direction:
I also like to call this tip "question mark hanging". Start by picking up your hanger and turning it so that it makes the shape of a question mark. Now hang your clothes. Simple, huh? Hanging all your clothes in the same direction makes browsing your closet easier since you can see the front sides of all your clothes as you skim the racks.

3. Use one type of hanger: This suggestion may be a little OCD for some people, but trust me, it really will make your closet look and feel more organized. When helping my friend clean up her closet I noticed she had all plastic hangers but they were in a variety of colors. We chose the color she had the most of (white) and re-hung all her clothes using only the white hangers. Using one type of hanger minimizes visual distractions in your closet and allows the clothes take center stage. Personally, I love using velvet hangers; they are ultra thin so they take up minimal space and are non-slip which prevents my blouses and tanks from converging into a pile on the ground. (You can find the velvet hangers at Costco, 35 hangers for $9.99 or here on Amazon).  

4. Consider your closet full at 80%: This tip not only applies to your closet, but really any space in your home: once you hit 80% capacity, consider it full. By allowing some extra space in your closet, it will not only be more organized, it will also be easier to keep organized. Give yourself room to groove.

5. Use a laundry sorter: I heart my laundry sorter. Seriously. It is one of my best tips because it makes doing the laundry SO. MUCH. EASIER. If you have room for a laundry sorter in your closet, I highly recommend it. My sorter has three bags for laundry that I use for lights, darks and hang-dry. For my friend, we used two laundry baskets, one for dark and one for lights. It seems silly to say but this has revolutionized my laundry experience. Once a bag is full, I throw it into the wash -- no sorting required! I repeat: NO SORTING REQUIRED! And having all the hang-dry items in one load means that my husband is no longer accidentally shrinking all my long pants into capris.  

6. File fold your folded items: Okay, I am cheating here. This isn't so much a tip for your closet as it is for your dresser, but it is too good not to mention. I did an entire post about file folding that you can find here. It will literally double the amount of clothes you can fit into a drawer.
What are your best tips for keeping your closet organized? Is anyone else neurotic about their matching hangers?



  1. Great information. Love your blog. 💖☺💖

  2. I recently had California Closets come install a new system for me. I did some major purging of clothes, shoes, etc and a great piece of advice that I received was to get rid of any items that did not "bring me joy". That can go for an item that may not fit right, or something I paid a lot of money for but never wear and feel guilty getting rid of. I literally kept going back into my closet and asking myself "Does this_____ bring me joy?" By using this method, I was able to purge quite a lot more and I am now left with a closet full of items that I like, want to wear and I am truly happy when "shopping in my closet!"!

    1. Gina, this is such great advice not only for purging, but also for purchasing. I think too often I buy things because they are inexpensive or because they fit well, but not because I really love them. I am trying to be better about only buying items that only bring my joy. :) Thanks for the comment!

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